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Bravery Buddies

Bravery Buddies

Bravery Buddies are a collection of dolls for children who are either battling cancer or who have a loved one with cancer.
These special dolls send the message “you are not alone”. They are inclusive dolls for both boys and girls of different ethnicities created to offer comfort and bring a glimmer of joy to the lives of children affected by cancer.

Tegan’s Story – How Bravery Buddies came about

I was 13 years old and in my first year of high school when I became ill. The doctor told me that I had leukaemia. Cancer.
One day I decided to design a simple bracelet – a representation of my journey and something that I could wear to remind me of what I have been through. That one bracelet turned into another product design, and another, and another. Until suddenly I had several product ideas in mind to honour those battling, those who have passed, and to raise awareness of something that truly touches us all – cancer.
I wanted to create something to counteract that feeling of loneliness, so I designed the “Bravery Buddies”.

The Bravery Buddies

The Bravery Buddies have no hair, just like a lot of children who are battling cancer. The aim is for the dolls’ physical appearance to help sick kids feel like they’ve got an empathetic friend on their side. To be able to look at their special friend and think, “Hey, you’re just like me.”

Children are able to form a bond with their dolls, to share the experience of cancer – to be a friend to them when they need one most.
On Christmas eve, my husband, son and I took a load of dolls to the Lady Cilento hospital in Brisbane and handed them out. I could tell it meant so much, not only to the children but to the parents as well.

I can honestly say that it was the most rewarding experience of my life and I had an overwhelming feeling that I had finally found it…. My purpose, my passion. And I just know I have to keep going.

How can you help?

Sponsor a Bravery Buddy to be gifted to a child affected by cancer. Buddies are delivered to hospitals on a regular basis and to children on the waitlist who’s loved ones have requested one to help spread a little joy in the lives of these amazing little warriors. You can leave a personal message for a child or remain anonymous.

Sponsor a Buddy at

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