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Maroochy Botanical Gardens

Maroochy Botanical Gardens

The Maroochy Botanical Gardens continues to deliver an outstanding natural family experience with it’s eight walks, cafe and sculpture garden. The walks have been broken down into experiences as well. We will breakdown each of the eight walks here for you:

Lagoon Walk

This popular natural terrain bush track follows the banks of the lagoon. The open forest ecosystem has remnant Bloodwood, Blu Gum and Tallow Wood in the canopy while Piccabeen Palm and Tree Fern fringe the rocky gullies and bridges along the track.

Fern Glade Walk

During the summer this walk provides a cool, shaded walk through a palm and fern gully. It is the perfect spot to sit down and contemplate the waterfall and creek cascades in the wet season.

Mossy Log Walk

Accessible from the Fern Glade Walk this walk will guide visitors past a mossy fallen forest giant. This tree is slowly decomposing and provides nutrients and shelter for many of the ferns, fungi and epiphytes.

Whipbird Walk

A safe haven where children can discover a wealth of hidden secrets. From giant spiders to exotic butterflies this children’s adventure walk is home to many fantasy creatures.

Sculpture Walk

Eight artists used twenty tonnes of stone during 2005 to produce the many sculptures now placed in this bushland and landscaped garden setting. Benches are strategically placed along the route so you can stop and take time to reflect. Embrace the vast green lawn and contemplate the natural beauty of the garden.

Ephemeral Wetland Walk

Are you seeking a beautiful, tranquil short stroll? This walk along the creek bank will provide an opportunity to see just some of the remnant riparian (creek) rainforest vegetation in the reserve. A canopy of Piccabeen Palms and Flooded Gums provides the shade required for the endangered Swamp Orchid.

Creek Walk

Visitors seeking a more vigorous bushwalk can continue through the groves of palms, remnant rainforest trees, vines and shrubs. Upon leaving the creek the ridge track continues through eucalypt open forest. Koalas often perch between branches so look upwards often as you traverse this region of the reserve.

Upland Bushwalk

For those seeking a true bushwalking experience this walk starts from the Creek Walk and guides keen visitors through a range of ecosystems including eucalypt open forest and riparian rainforest. Ferns, bracken and cycads fringe the three creek crossings. Take a rest at the rock pool creek crossing, which has a small waterfall after rain.

Maroochy Botanical Gardens – The Facilities

  • Arts and Ecology Centre
  • Toilets
  • Walking Tracks
  • Sculpture Garden
  • Shelters and Picnic Tables
  • Guided Tours
  • Cafe (Open Tuesday to Friday only)

Our Opinion – Maroochy Botanical Gardens

The Maroochy Botanical Gardens is a great place to take the family for a free day out. Get the kids tired first in the bushwalks, then find a shaded spot for a picnic. The local cafe is manned by experienced volunteers through the Compass Institute. They help disabled people integrate with society through a range of services. It was lovely to attend on a Friday and meet some of the enthusiastic young staff. By the way, the coffee is nice too!

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