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Nash Gallery and Cafe

Lars Anderson House

Lars Anderson was a wealthy Danish immigrant who purchased the land that the cafe sits on in 1886. A small saw-mill operation was also located here. In 1900 he moved the saw-mill across the road to behind the Club Hotel. This house used to be the only house in town with electricity.

He ran a 32 volt cable from his steam driven saw-mill to his home. You can still see the original wires today. Lars owned 8 homes in the street. Several of them had burned down and some were purchased and moved away from Esk.

The town of Esk didn’t receive electricity until 18 years later in 1935.

Nash Gallery & Cafe

We met Sandee, owner of Nash Gallery & Cafe for lunch on Saturday. Her husband is brilliant at pottery and the walls adorn his work and the work of other artisans in the region.

The Cafe has a reputation for great country fare. My partner was blown away by the quality of the coffee. This could become a regular stop!

We each chose a different meal. Jan had Nachos and I had a Homemade Burger. Both were amazing. On Sunday morning we went back and had our customary Eggs Benny!
A must do in Esk!

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