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Off leash dog beaches

Off leash dog beaches

The .Sunshine Coast has some of the best Off leash dog beaches in the region.

Northshore – Mudjimba

Just a short 15 minute drive from the heart of Maroochydore lies a stretch of beach liked by dog owners from across the region, Maroochy North Shore.

Take the North Shore Road in Mudjimba and travel as far south as you can go. You’ll reach a car park. At the end of the car park you’ll see two entry points, one ventures onto the ocean-side beach on the east side, while the other heads west to the more sheltered and protected bay. The photo below is of the bay region. The water is clear, still and safe in the shallows for swimmers and their dogs.

Take a picnic hamper with you and enjoy the protected natural windbreak and mid-morning shade. If you like your dogs to run uninterrupted then use the ocean side beach. It has a great view of Mudjimba Island.

This area is known for turtles laying their eggs. Females usually lay between 1 and 9 clutches of eggs per season. Females may nest every 2 or 3 years. Female green turtles may lay 1,900 to 2,300 eggs within a lifetime.

Stumers Creek – Coolum

A favourite picnic area for families and dog lovers. Both sides of Stumers Creek are easily accessed from the main car park. The creek is usually land locked at low tide.

Stumers has toilet facilities, showers and dog washing areas.

Some days you might find skydivers landing at your feet as they jump from 15,000 feet above the beach.

Skydiving Noosa is the ultimate adrenaline rush. You’ll exit the plane from up to 15,000ft for an insane 60 seconds of life-changing freefall, falling at over 200 km/hr over the stunning Sunshine Coast region. Then float under canopy for 5-7 minutes soaking up views of the picture perfect beaches far below.

Port Cartwright – Buddina

On any given morning or evening you’ll find every pooch in every size trotting along the well worn pathway adjacent to the Mooloolah River.
Most dog lovers start at La Balsa Park and walk along the path to the mouth of the river before heading onto the exposed beach and walking towards the lighthouse. You’ll find dogs off leash along the beach at Buddina.

As always, keep aware of council regulations for where you can and can’t have your pampered pooch. Laws change often.

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