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One Tree Canoe Company

We travelled south to One Tree Canoe Company, 128 Fielding Rd, Vernor for a truly unique experience.

Dan and his partner Sue along with their two awesome dogs took a tour group onto the Brisbane River in their hand-crafted canoes just as the sun began to set.
The emptiness of noise, the stunning eucalypt reflections and the soft trickle of water down the blades of the oars was magical.

Dan told me of his passion for building canoes for customers across Australia. He builds them in his shed and every canoe is shaped with love.

Our journey was one hour upstream and an hour back. When we got back to shore Taryn Ryan from the Soul Nook Collective set out a picnic on the banks. We sipped on wonderful wine, cheeses and dips and the sun dipped over the river bed into the pastures afar.

One Tree Canoe Company offer a range of experiences and can cater for ‘newbies’ and experienced paddlers.
0424 001 646

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