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Ottaba Llamas

Just a short 10km drive north saw us pull into Ottaba Llamas, a family owned and operated farm providing Llama encounters.

We met Marko and his wife Louise along with their daughter Beck. I can honestly say that we could have sat and talked to them all day. Really lovely people …

They stock approximately 25 Llamas on the farm along with a few alpacas, a camel and some other farm animals to boot. When we arrived there were 2 baby Llamas under 2 weeks old.
When a Llama is carrying a baby (cria) you would not notice until they have delivered it.

The Llamas are very well behaved and pet-like in their nature. Everyone warned me about them spitting but we were fine. Ottaba Llamas informed me after we got home that they had another baby (cria). That’s three in total along with their baby Alpaca.

You can take a walk along the BVRT (Brisbane Valley Rail Trail) which runs along their property. Ottaba Llamas provide Llamas for weddings, corporate events and even TV Ads. Yes, that’s right ..
They have a Llama called Pedro who was the on-screen star for the Ergon Energy Grim Llama Ad.

How can you tell the difference between an Alpaca and a Llama?

Alpacas and Llamas have very different ears. A Llama has curled in ears.

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