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Pegasus Park Equestrian Centre

Pegasus Park Equestrian Centre

Pegasus Park Equestrian Centre is one of Byron Bays oldest horse riding ranches, established in 1994. Founded on a love of horses, horse riding, nature and a passion for sharing their enthusiasm, Pegasus Park Equestrian Centre continues to provide quality instruction coupled with beautiful, well cared for and educated horses.

Pegasus Park Equestrian Centre specialises in horse riding for people of all ages and all levels of ability. What ever your standard we have a beautiful, educated horse for you, so come and visit us at Pegasus Park.

Range of Horses for every rider

Our daughter had never ridden a horse so we thought she’d struggle. Ramona was a brilliant trainer and very patient. Ramona has hand raised and reared her stable of horses and ponies. She has:

  • Quarter horses, renown for there quiet nature
  • Arabian horses
  • Thoroughbred horses
  • Stock horses and ponies for the smaller children

Ramona has been trained and competed at a high level and safety is her primary concern. She makes sure that each rider knows how to sit on the horse, move the horse forward, turn left and right and stop before any distance riding is performed. This is the kind of activity all ages can attempt and will adore.


The Air BnB and Cabins provide a unique opportunity to stay longer and enjoy a 1 or 2 day ride across some of the most spectacular countryside you have ever seen. Bring your own horse or simply use one of ours. We can cater for groups as well.

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