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Red Lock Escape Rooms

We recently visited the newly opened Red Lock Escape Rooms in Noosa. They are based at Shop 4, 28 Sunshine Beach Rd, Noosa Heads.

Our guide for the day was Sarah. Sarah told us about the two rooms they have active at the moment. One is called Area 51, after the “Area 51” Military Base in the USA. The other room is called the Vegas Room.

Curiosity got the better of us and we entered the Area 51 Room only to see a baby alien and an alien that appeared to hover clouded by red and blue lights. The music was ‘creepy’ and the room was technically the hardest room to escape from. We loved how the decor fitted with the theme. Sarah proceeded to tell us the story of how you play out the escape. She said, “You wake up in a secure Area 51 locked room and need to find a way out in 60 minutes before the aliens come back”. It sounded awesome but we were novices.

We decided, as ‘newbies’ to try the Vegas Room. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

My partner in crime for the day, aka my cameraman, Geoff helped me try and solve the Vegas Room in under 60 minutes. The story behind this room is that you wake up in a hotel room in Vegas after a big night out where you trashed the hotel lobby.

You can’t remember the night before but you are locked in the room. You have 60 minutes to figure out how to exit the room before management arrive.
Hmm, sounds like “The Hangover” movie. More my style! Yes I’m speaking from experience.

The Vegas Room

The room had a double bed, a toilet, trash can, mural on the wall of the cityscape, some books, a drinks cabinet and a bedside table. It also had a CD player along with a locked briefcase, safe, locked liquor cabinet and a few locked drawers.

The clock began at 60 minutes and we had to find the first clue. I’m not going to giveaway the steps involved, suffice to say that it made both Geoff and I sweat, think as a team and think outside the box. We quickly became immersed in the experience.

As the clock counted down it became a race to see if we could exit the room on time.

I can honestly say, we exited the room with under 10 seconds left of the clock. For some reason I was sweating bullets. You seem to loose yourself in the moment. I can see why so many people love Escape Rooms. If you are looking for a NEW experience, grab your partner or a friend and just DO IT!

We can’t wait for Red Lock Escape Rooms to complete their next room, the Bank Heist.

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