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The Secret to Great Kitchen Design

The Secret to Great Kitchen Design They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Here we nourish our loved ones, chat with our kids, partners or house mates at end of the day. It’s the hub of activity, for family time and entertainment especially when kitchens and dining livings room are combined. […]

Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge

Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge – The Facts The Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (Sippy Creek Animal Refuge Society Inc) was established in 1979. Our Mission statement is ‘Giving refuge to abandoned and surrendered cats and dogs until permanently rehomed and educating the community on responsible pet ownership”. The Refuge is an independent, non-profit, charitable organisation and […]

Bravery Buddies

Bravery Buddies Bravery Buddies are a collection of dolls for children who are either battling cancer or who have a loved one with cancer. These special dolls send the message “you are not alone”. They are inclusive dolls for both boys and girls of different ethnicities created to offer comfort and bring a glimmer of […]

Hats with Hair

Hats with Hair Welcome to Hats with Hair. Each and every person deserves to feel confident in their own skin. Especially those going through chemotherapy. Here’s how Hats With Hair aims to bring self esteem, love and care to those in the midst of the most heartbreaking and traumatic experience of their life. Hello! I’m […]

Avoid Block-a-Holic Blunders

Avoiding Blockaholic Blunders Who doesn’t love The Block? It’s exciting, inspiring and very dramatic. What these people achieve in such a short space of time is incredible and it’s enough to get us geared up to grab a sledgehammer knock down the nearest load bearing wall. However, watching shows like The Block can give people […]

6 Reasons to Install a Skylight

6 Reasons to Install a Skylight 1. Natural Light The most obvious reason for installing a skylight is to bathe a room in natural light. It’s also wonderful to be able to look up and see the sky above your head. If you’re worried about direct sunlight, you can purchase skylights with UV filters or […]

Sunshine Coast Window Tinting

Sunshine Coast Window Tinting Getting a Sunshine Coast Window Tinting service will help with these issues: Tinting improves appearance reduces interior temperatures reduces the entry of infra red (IR) and ultra violet (UV) radiation aids privacy reduces glare, and for some types of film, increases security Does Car Tint reduce heat? Since window tint filters […]

Sunshine Coast Windscreens

Sunshine Coast Windscreens About Us At Sunshine Coast Windscreens our expert autoglazier team can evaluate the damage before proceeding with any services. We will do our best to find a fast, effective and affordable solution. If a windscreen repair is not possible we will perform a windscreen replacement customised to your vehicle and your requirements. […]

Integrale Homes – Seaview 322

Seaview 322 With Birtinya at Oceanside being the latest in waterfront living on the sunshine coast, Integrale Homes have created a range of designs to suit this unique opportunity. Our latest Seaview 322 display home at Birtinya has been styled around the modern Scandinavian design concept, highlighting the latest trends and capturing the relaxed lifestyle […]

Painting a Room

Painting a Room Eleven Simple Steps Begin by determining the colour scheme for your room. Review our colour charts at your local paint or hardware store, or check out our colour inspiration section. Remember to consider colours you’ve selected for surrounding rooms and spaces before determining the colour palette for walls, doors, trims and ceilings. Our […]