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Sunshine Coast Tourism

Sunshine Coast Tourism

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Sunshine Coast Tourism

The Sunshine Coast Tourism Guide is an eco and mobile friendly guide containing many of the local businesses that offer activities and places to visit across the Sunshine Coast region.

We are environmentally conscious here at Explore the Sunshine Coast and we believe this option is cheaper and greener as a solution for business owners across the region.

The sample (A4 Advert) to the left has been taken from our magazine. It contains information and important content such as location, contact details and a price guide to make your decision easy. Note this is a sample only (not a completed client ad).

Every location/company is provided an A4 sized advert so they can give the consumer an easy to read experience on their mobile device, while the advertiser, in turn, has more room to display their images and text in an easy to read format.

How will Tourists find this Guide?

We will be running a Google and Facebook Ads campaign to drive traffic to download and use this mobile guide. Anyone who visits or shows an interest in the tourism aspect of our website will be captured by our Facebook and Google Tag Manager software so we can re-market to them.

People will also be able to download and use this digital tourism guide directly from our website, and finally our subscribers will have a link sent to them each month.

Important info – Digital Tourist Guide Sunshine Coast

It is important to note that the mobile friendly guide is designed for people on the move so we have enlarged the type to minimize pinching and zooming in. We have also enabled hyperlinking which means that when a consumer taps your website, email or phone number they will be able to visit your website, email you or call you directly.

Each section in the guide is colour coded for easy reference. The text can be supplied in a format that highlights your features to locals and visitors to the region. We suggest simply sending it in an email and our designer will do the rest.

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