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The Farm, Byron Bay

The Farm, Byron Bay

The Farm is principally a working farm, we house a collection of micro-businesses all sharing in a common goal. We invite you to come and visit us and see for yourself how a farm operates, supports the environment and contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Our motto Grow, Feed, Educate inspires all that we do, here and for the community at large. We believe that it is first hand experience of seeing how food is grown and produced that makes the eating of it so much more pleasurable. From this simple pleasure sprouts a curiosity and desire to learn more.

We hope you enjoy your visit to The Farm and leave feeling inspired to make even the smallest change towards a healthier, more harmonious existence with our land, our animals and our communities.

Our day began with a private tour by The Farm Manager in his golf cart. The property is quite large so we recommend a private tour, especially if you find walking distances an issue. First stop was Baylato to watch our Peruvian friends make us a fresh dessert. Once we devoured this we moved to see the English Pigs and Scottish Highland Cattle. They are amazing creatures.

We took a drive through the Macadamia Orchard. Anyone can pickup the Macadamias from the ground and crack them on-site. We then crossed the paddock to see the horses and onto a sustainable working plot purposely setup to feed the homeless.

There’s so much to do and see – so book a full day here and dine at the Three Blue Ducks Restaurant. Jeff and his team will ensure you are served Michelin star food, all while enjoying the farm views.

We enjoyed our time at the farm and I’m sure we will bring our guests and friends there in the coming months.

Hot Tip: Visit in Dec/Jan and see the Sunflower crop in full bloom.

Check the Farm out here at this link. Explore the Sunshine Coast had a great time at The Farm, Byron Bay.

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