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The Secret to Great Kitchen Design

The Secret to Great Kitchen Design

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Here we nourish our loved ones, chat with our kids, partners or house mates at end of the day. It’s the hub of activity, for family time and entertainment especially when kitchens and dining livings room are combined. Our reminders, bills, photos and the latest kids’ masterpieces all seem to end up stuck on the fridge and it’s where some of our most important conversations take place. The simple act of cooking a meal provides a sense of place and togetherness. So, when a space is this important, it makes sense to plan for your needs and invest wisely to ensure it is practical and beautiful.
Kitchen layout is the most important aspect of kitchen design and creating much needed functionality with the “Kitchen Work Triangle” is the secret.

The Kitchen Work Triangle is a principle that aims to determine the most efficient kitchen layout for the cook, delivering both aesthetic appeal and maximum functionality. It places three main work areas and facilities (stove, sink and fridge with the sink in the centre) within proximity to each other providing the shortest, practical distance between them – cutting down wasted steps and enabling the cook to move between them easily when accessing, preparing and cooking food. By default, the Kitchen Triangle also tends to position plumbing and power for cost effective installation.

However, there are more secrets to great kitchen design than the Kitchen Work Triangle. Queensland Building Solutions know all the trade secrets and have a few more up their sleeves.
Our design experts will work with you on key design elements to ensure:

  • That the total length of the work triangle is between 4000mm and 6000mm.
  • The shortest, practical distance between the three main work areas in the kitchen (stove, fridge, sink) is achieved.
  • Placement of the things you need within easy reach.
  • We cater for special needs and accessibility requirements.
  • Island benches are fully integrated into the kitchen design and width of walkways are designed specifically to create a seamless flow.
  • No dead spaces, especially in large kitchens. We can work with you to create multiple, individually designed zones and achieve superior storage solutions.
  • Create a safer cooking space by positioning at ideal work height (1200mm), maximising workspace, allowing for adequate set down space beside stoves and designing to prevent foot traffic from crossing the kitchen work triangle.
  • Ideal location of appliances, power points, extraction fans and lighting.
  • Your new kitchen is tailored to your personal style, unique needs, your budget and consider the amount of cooking you’re likely to do.
  • The best quality materials, closures, fittings and appliances for every budget.

Call Glenn Martin and Rebecca Martin at Queensland Building Solutions, the friendly experts in kitchen renovations on 0419 864 877 for a free no obligation quote.
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