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The Ultimate Bribie Island Adventure

The Ultimate Bribie Island Adventure

We hooked up with Captain Cheryl and her sidekick, Cabin Crew Rick (aka the husband) for a 5 hour Adventure on Bribie Island. We began our day at 9am in Ningi, just outside their bait and tackle store.

Their company, Gateway Discovery Tours offer a jam-packed tour where you’ll:

  • Travel the Inland Track to Poverty Point Campgrounds
  • Visit the Wetlands and travel onto view Mount Bribie
  • Stop at Lighthouse Reach for a freshly made lunch

Afterward we stop at the amenities then to head back down the track towards the Fort

  • At the Fort we discover several buildings and learn about our involvement in WW2
  • Finally, we drive along the beach and watch the sea eagles soar as they scan the land below for prey. We finish up at 2nd Lagoon for a well earned swim.

Before we depart we are given the low down on their impressive trucks. They are Mitsubishi Canters modified to Army Standards. They each have Limited Slip Diffs and are almost impossible to bog. They are often used to recover other 4WDers and Rick and Cheryl have even recovered some Fire Trucks fighting the recent bushfires on the island. Each truck holds 15 passengers plus they have a 12 seat truck. Each truck is fully conditioned.

Outside their store they have a Mark 14 Sea Mine made in 1914 in Singapore. It used to house TNT. It’s very rare. Only 10,000 were made in total and 3 exist today.

Did you know?

HMAS Bungaree was used to lay mines between Moreton Island and Bribie Island. Bongaree on Bribie was aptly named after this ship.

On the tour you are well catered for. You have access to unlimited freshwater and you’re treat to a sumptuous lunch at Lighthouse Reach.

Your safety is always top of mind and all staff members on the tour have completed their First Aid Certificates. Many of the guides are ex military and know the history inside out.

Bribie Island was a pivotal landmark for Australia’s defence during WW2. US General MacArthur held office in Sandstone Point and regularly worked across various locations in SE Qld.

Over 300 Gubbi Gubbi people still inhabit Bribie Island. Approximately 50% of the original population have left the region.

The Trip

From the shop we traveled a total distance of 94km. Fifty one km are within the Bribie Island National Park. You travel about 30kph on your journey. The journey itself is a festival for the eyes and senses. The landscape changes on every turn. Emergency tracks that lead off the main gazetted roads are signposted with a blue post. If there is no blue post then the road leads to a dead-end.

Sand is very powdery and it’s easy to see why inexperienced 4WDers come unstuck. It’s recommended to run 18psi on the sand. We suggest bringing recovery tracks if you have them. There is phone reception for Telstra and Optus account holders. Vodaphone – forget it …

Prices at the time of this article (Dec 2019)

Adults                                         $75 inc lunch

Senior                                         $65 inc lunch

Kids under 5 with adults         FREE

Kids 6-16                                    $65 inc lunch

Pine Forest trees take between 25 and 30 years to fully mature. They are cycled 4 times in total before they revert back to National Park. There is a section where the wildfires were so hot that no new growth seemed evident. In other areas you could see the tree tops green and the trunks scarred.

Poverty Point

Number of sites: 14 numbered sites plus one large group and/or trailer area.
Camp sites are suitable for: tent camping beside your 4WD and walk-in camping. There is also an area designated for camper trailers or large groups.
Camp site surface: sand, dirt, grass.
Facilities: micro-flush toilets, portable toilet dump point, screened cold showers, water taps (not suitable for drinking), picnic tables and fire rings.
Open fires: allowed (except when fire bans or prohibitions apply) in provided fire rings only, but fuel stoves recommended.
Generators: not permitted.

You will often see kangaroos, goannas and short nosed curlews along with Wild Horses on the Island.

Tour Highlights

Large Army Fort on the Eastern Side of Bribie Island. Housed 2 large Turrets, Search Light Towers, Army Mess, Soldiers Quarters, Nurses Quarters and several amenities buildings. There is even an underground hospital, yet to be discovered and unearthed, however we think we found it. A huge area rarely seen by most Queenslander’s.

The scenery is breathtaking and it’s abundantly clear that Rick and Cheryl love the island. They actively help the rangers and report daily on the tracks and fishing on the island. In my opinion the fee for this trip is low given the experience, history and sights you see. For $75 including a lunch you’d be hard pressed to find a better local tour.

A trip like no other

A trip like no other. History, Adventure, Photographic Opportunities, Laughs all encased in a 5 hour value packed tour. A trip not to be missed.

If you want to book visit their Facebook page today or Call 0439 083 868

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