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Toogoolawah Saleyards

Toogoolawah Saleyards

Get along to the Toogoolawah Saleyards.

It’s not everyday us ‘coastal creatures’ get to see a live cattle auction take place. I saw a roadsign saying “Saleyards” and decided to be a little nosey.

The hunch paid off and the ‘yards’ were packed with local buyers and those from further north in Rockhampton.

I took the time out to listen to the process and spoke with a few farmers who told me that prices had fallen steeply. I saw 4 young steers go for a little over $400. The larger cattle were holding around $1200 each. The farmer told me he just buys ‘scrawny’ cattle and puts them on a 100 day grain feed lot to fatten them up before he sells them on.

I asked about the impact the ‘drought’ was having and he said many owners were in dire straits. Very sad!

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