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Toowoomba Picnic Point Parklands


Another popular area of Picnic Point Parklands is the tranquil waterfall area. The waterfall was constructed in 1965 from the former quarry platform site and lookout which provided panoramic views of the valley. Since then, mass plantings of trees and shrubs have created a rainforest-type experience for visitors with large stepping stones at the base of the waterfall creating a peaceful pond area.

An enclosed lawn area rolls out to the west of the waterfall and, along with a decorative gazebo at its centre, creates a popular space for intimate wedding ceremonies. For more information on how to book the waterfall and garden area for a wedding ceremony, visit the website.

Another popular visitor activity is to picnic in this location and then set off on a scenic bushwalk to the upper lookout area.
Picnic Point Parklands are one of Toowoomba’s oldest public recreation areas. Its origins can be traced back to 1885 when the 38-acre reserve (R379) was declared for recreation purposes for the growing town. As the Toowoomba township grew there was growing interest to preserve the area for public use to be held in public trust by the Toowoomba Municipal Council.

The first addition to the reserve was made in 1902 with the Toowoomba City Council purchasing six acres, with further expansions and reservations made over the following decades.

During the reserve’s history there were grazing and quarrying leases on the land, with the last of these ending in 1959. The reserve had also been used for camping from as early as 1919 with a boy scout troop holding an Easter camp there.

As was common during the great depression of the 1930s, facilities at Picnic Point were updated using relief labour. During the war years, the Australian Army moved into the parklands and took over the kiosk. They left the grounds in 1942 and returned them to public use namely for camping purposes and Sunday School outings.

Throughout its history, the parklands have been a popular public recreation and scenic location for the Toowoomba Region and continue to form part of Toowoomba’s identity as a destination bestowed with beautiful natural landscapes, parks and gardens.

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