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Video FAQs

Video FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions (Video FAQs) from our clients. If you cannot find the answer to your question here please call 0422 190 683 or use the contact form.

Video FAQs

Most common Video FAQs

At Explore the Sunshine Coast we acknowledge that many clients will have Video FAQs. We will try and explain the options made available to you and answer the most commonly asked questions by our clients.

You Tube/Vimeo Supplied Videos

We can take your You Tube or Vimeo supplied video and use this within our system. We also require a feature image that you have license to use, along with a 300 word article explaining the main reasons why consumers should come to your business.

We will also need a “keyword” that you wish to rank for. We suggest using that keyword at least twice in your 300 word article and also in the heading and first line of the body copy.

No Video – No Worries!

We have the ability to come to you and shoot a short 30 second clip. The longest video will be up to 3 minutes. This enables more of a story to be told. Fees begin at $450 and go upwards from there subject to video length and other factors. On-going hosting fee of $7/week if saved on our platform.

Why a Weekly Hosting Fee – one of the most common Video FAQS?

This covers the data/communication costs, our time to ensure your video is ranking for your chosen keyword and adjusting copy if required. We will provide a quarterly report on how your video is trending and other key analytics.

Reach out to the Support Team at Explore the Sunshine Coast anytime.

How long will a video shoot take?

It depends on whether you are doing a 30 second video or 3 minute video and the production requirements for the shoot. We would safely allow 1-2 hours and would send you a script guideline form to fill out beforehand.

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What initial costs do I have to cover?

If we are shooting the video for you on-site then you will provide the cost of the experience and the video fee for shooting the video (from $197 to $497).

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Why is there a Setup Fee for supplied videos?

We charge a small $50 Setup Fee to import your You Tube into our channel and create a Google Optimized Keyword based post inside the appropriate category. We also add a feature image to your post. Each article is then linked to your website and indexed to Google to rank.

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Who owns the final video footage?

After a 12 month hosting period you own the video footage. You may use the footage for any purpose you like.

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Do I have to be captured on video personally?

Of course not. You may decide to choose a member of staff or a friend. You can speak the first sentence to camera and then read off the pre-authorised script we have crafted together for you, or we can just film the business and overlay captions.

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What should I expect for a 30 sec video?

It’ll be a short punchy video that quickly outlines your main features and benefits. We will add your logo and title the video for you. These are ideal for Facebook video ads.

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What would be covered in a 3 minute video?

A 3 minute video should be viewed as a small storytelling video showcasing your businesses best assets, the experience, the small details that make your destination special. These are ideal lengths for trade shows or in-store promos.

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What does the weekly $7 hosting fee cover?

The ongoing $7/week video hosting fee allows us to upload your video to either our You Tube Channel or our website channel or both, and rank your video for Google optimization. You can either pay this fee half yearly or annually.

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