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  • Note that we can accept existing videos up to 3 minutes long or we can shoot and edit the videos for you. We will promote your video in the appropriate category to consumers locally and Sunshine Coast visitors using Google and Facebook Ads. Once the appropriate fees are paid you own the video. The footage cannot be shared, copied or distributed from our website by you until you pay the setup fee or video production fee. Copyright laws are in place for this footage. Note that an on-going $9/week video hosting and promotion fee is calculated and paid by you twice a year to cover our ongoing Facebook and Google campaigns.
  • By submitting this form you understand that we offer 2 video solutions (Supply your own video up to 3 min) and (Explore the Sunshine Coast to create video). Each of these options come with certain fees to cover initial setup onto our system, article SEO, Google Keyword analysis and hosting fees). Make sure you read the menu "WEBSITE" under the "ADVERTISING INFO" menu button before submitting this form.


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