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Wappa Falls Observatory

Wappa Falls Observatory – See the Milky Way

We’d encourage all Sunshine Coasters to take a trip to Wappa Falls Observatory. See the Milky Way in all it’s glory through the eyes of up to 11 different working telescopes. Learn about the earth and our solar system. View the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter and you might even spot a satellite as it rockets it’s away above earth taking photos of our every move.

The evening begins at 4.30pm and Owen, the resident owner, encourages families and children to read the many signboard explaining the solar system, the rockets and the night sky. Then you go into a home made theatre room where you can watch a short movie presentation before the light falls and you find yourself seeing close-ups of our closest planets through the powerful telescopes.

It’s a fascinating trips out to Wappa Falls Observatory. Owen has a traveling roadshow too for schools and groups. The team at Explore the Sunshine Coast loved this tour.

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